Mondays Get Bubbly

Fandango Restaurant Launches “Mondays Get Bubbly” 

February 1, 2014!





Feeling Bubbly?  Fandango restaurant gets bubbly beginning February 2014!  From Monday, February 3rd – Monday, February 29th, Fandango Restaurant gets bubbly!  Add a glass of bubbles, personally selected by Pierre and Marietta Bain, to any entrée for lunch or dinner for $5.00 per glass Monday’s only!

Bubbly fun facts!  Follow Fandango Restaurant on Facebook for Monday Bubbly Trivia.  Fandango will be posting fun trivia questions every Monday.  One lucky post with the correct answer each month will win a free dessert card at Fandango.

Here is some trivia to get you in the mood for bubbles:

  1. 1.  The bubbles in champagne actually carry alcohol into the bloodstream faster! True or False?
  2. 2.  Champagne has three times the gas content of beer! True or False?
  3. 3.  If you open a bottle of champagne and there is a loud pop then you have actually lost bubbles.  True or False?
  4. 4.  The famous Marilyn Monroe is said to have taken a bath in bubbly. It took 350 bottles to fill the tub!  True or False?